K9 Kampus K9 Kampus Facility Contract

Please note: Services refers to Pet Parent leaving their pet in the care of K9 Kampus. Activities refers to Pet Parents attending any of our public events with their dog, when the parents are responsible for the care of their pets. Policies and procedures may differ between services and activities.

K9 Kampus reserves the right to make policy and procedure exceptions on a case by case basis. Because K9 Kampus considers the safety and well being of all the dogs in our care as top priority K9 Kampus reserves the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason.

Below is a copy of the K9 Kampus overall facility contract and is required to be signed by all clients wanting to take part in K9 Kampus services. Additional contracts and waivers may be required to participate in certain services and activities. Contracts and waivers may be updated and changed at anytime. By entering the facility and being on the premises, clients agree to acknowledge, follow and uphold all policies and procedures and take full responsibility for the actions of their dog.

If you have any questions or require clarification please contact K9 Kampus management at 321-622-8971