K9 Kampus K9 Kampus FAQ’s

What are your hours of operation?

Our facility is open Monday thru Thursday from 7am to 7pm, Friday 7am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday we are open for boarding drop-offs and pick-ups and daycare by reservation from 9am-4pm.

What are your daycare hours?

Daycare hours are:

Monday thru Friday          7am to 5pm                     

Saturday                           9am to 4pm

Sunday                              9am to 4pm (By reservation only)

Can I pick up my dog after 5pm Monday thru Friday?

Absolutely. We are always here so you don’t have to worry about your dog. In fact we know that most people are just getting out of work at 5pm so we give you a grace period until 5:45 to pickup your kids before any additional fees apply.

Will I be charged an early drop off fee if I am only 5 minutes early before you open?

Yes. The reason being is our staff is busy tending to all the dogs that are currently in the facility for boarding. This includes feedings, medications, walks and other scheduled services. Our staff is specifically scheduled to dedicate every minute of their time and attention to these dogs BEFORE our day officially starts. As soon as our first dog arrives for the day the dynamics change and our focus has to change. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

You can schedule an early drop-off with our staff. Please know that it has to be in advance and it is pre-paid. No refunds are given you you arrive later than your scheduled drop off time or change your mind. Thank you for your understanding.

What are the fees for later pickups?

It is $5/hour/dog from 5pm (starting after 5:45) until are facility closing time (7pm Monday thru Thursday and 6pm Fridays).  After our facility close time it is $20/dog/hour. This includes weekends too (after 4pm on Saturday and Sunday). After hour pick-ups need to be pre-arranged and a credit card must be kept on file for next day processing.

How do I arrange an after hours Pick-up?

As soon as you know you will be late arrange a late pickup with the front desk. A quick call is all we need, as well as to ensure we have a credit card on file to process the late pickup fees the next morning. You will be asked to sign our your dogs at the time of pick up and the front desk staff will process the payment the next day.

What is a Temperament Evaluation?

A temperament evaluation is the process we use to verify every dog that comes into our care for either daycare or boarding passes all the requirements to participate in our daycare program including playing well with others.

There are 2 parts to the temperament evaluations: First a 10 to 15 minute interview process that includes the pet parent and the dog. We do this to get to know the parent as well as the personality of the dog.  We are trying to find out the likes and dislikes of the pet and we are looking over the dog to ensure they are in good health and without any medical issues. We are also looking for any toy or food aggression or anything that needs to be noted in the pets file.

Second: After the interview is completed and there are no issues we introduce the pet into the daycare area. If there are no immediate issues with aggression we ask the parents to leave their pet with us for at least a few hours to see how the interaction between their loved one and the daycare group continues.

For additional information about Temperament Evaluations click here.

Is there a fee for the Temperament Evaluation?

Yes, there is a $40.00 fee for the Temperament Evaluation and it includes a day of daycare on the day that you schedule a Temperament Evaluation. Call for our specials, we usually have monthly specials that include temperament evaluations.

How do I schedule a Temperament Evaluation?

Just call us! 321-622-8971. You can make an appointment right over the phone. Please note that you will have to forward proof of current vaccinations to before we will schedule a Temperament Evaluation. We schedule Temperament Evaluations from 8:30am to 10:00am Monday thru Friday. We can make special accommodations by request  if these hours to not fit into your schedule. We do require an appointment to be scheduled in advance for Temperament Evaluations, as we only accept 3 new dogs into our facility per day. Top

Do the dogs get walks outside?

Daycare and boarding dogs are participating in interactive play throughout the day. Depending on the weather and the heat as well as each dogs individual heat tolerance will determine how much time they spend outdoors. Top

Do you feed the dogs in daycare?

Our preference is to NOT feed dogs in daycare. We suggest that all dogs that participate in daycare be fed either before or after they arrive. Dogs need to be separated to eat and unlike our dogs that board with us that have their own suite to eat in, our daycare dogs do not. Therefore, we have to separate each dog to give them down time, eat, and let their stomachs settle before they return to interactive play. Additional fees apply to dogs receiving lunch as it is a minimum of an hour and 30 minute process. Top

Why is my dog so tired after daycare or boarding?

It is not unusual that your dog will be very tired after a stay at K9 Kampus. Some parents tell us their dog didn’t move for 2 days. At K9 Kampus all day play  can wear a dog out! Our boarding dogs average 8 to 9 hours of day play with us and other dogs which for most dogs is more than the are use to at home. Therefore, it is not unusual for them to have a lot of fun and then enjoy lounging around at home content from their time at K9 Kampus.

Why did my dog drink so much water when he came home from daycare?

Don’t worry this is normal and very common to a new dog to daycare. Many dogs play very hard when they come to daycare. They are so busy having fun sometimes they don’t drink as much as they should. Sometimes they don’t realize they are event thirsty until they are back home alone without all the stimulation around them. If you feel they are drinking way too much at a time, we suggest limiting the water intake and giving them ice cubes to help with their thirst and to cool them down.  Many times after a dog gets use to coming to daycare they correct themselves and take more drinking breaks.  If you find this is not happening we will remove your dog from play more often throughout the day to entice them to slow down and drink more as per your instructions. This is common to some breeds, for example, we tend to force our bull dogs to rest and drink more often than our Labradors who like to play in the water bowls.

Why did my dog urinate so much when he came home from daycare?

Don’t worry this is normal and very common. Especially dogs that are new to daycare will be so involved in playing that they don’t stop to do their business. On rare occasions it takes the dog a while to acclimate to our indoor potty’s. If this persists we can schedule additional out door business breaks which takes them away from all the action and distractions so they can focus on doing their business. In many cases once the dogs become use to participating in daycare this is no longer a concern.

What are the requirements for Boarding?

All dogs must have their latest vaccination records on file with us (Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP). A 50% deposit is needed to reserve a suite.Temperament Evaluations are required to Board with us because day play is included in the boarding rate. Please see our cancellation policy in regards to return of deposits.Top

What do I bring when my dog boards?

First of all make sure that we have your vaccination records on file. If we do not have these your dog cannot enter the facility. You can bring anything you want to put in your dogs suite while he is boarding with us. We suggest his favorite blanket or toys, we encourage bringing personal items so that your dog is as comfortable as possible. Bring enough food for him during his stay and any treats he/she is allowed to have. Please note that food needs to be prepared in individual services sizes.

Please click here for our Boarding Checklist to help with your preparations.

If your dog is staying over for a slumber party they will not have a suite, so please do not bring any personal items other than food and treats. Please note that slumber parties are offered certain times of the year, they are not always available and they book up quick.Top

Why do I have to bring my own food for boarding?

We recommend bringing your own food to allow your dogs digestive system to remain on the same cycle. Some dogs may get stressed while boarding and this can affect their gut, changing their normal diet can also affect their gut, introducing both boarding and a change of diet is increasing the probability your dog may experience diarrhea or vomiting. Most dogs that are regular daycare participants that are familiar with us and our facility very rarely experience stress induced diarrhea or vomiting, but almost always a change in diet will.

We can provide our  house food for an additional meal fee of $2.00 per meal (Additional fee for dogs with extra large food portions). Top

My dog is currently boarding and I am unable to pick him up on the day I scheduled, can I extend his stay?

Yes, you can, however, depending when you extend the stay will depend if his/her suite is available for the extended stay and if  there are additional fees. Normally if you provide ample notice we are able to extend your stay with with no fees and your dog can usually remain in the same suite.

However, if you are extending your stay last minute the suite that your dog is in currently may be already reserved for another client and unavailable. If that happens we will always make accommodations for your dog, however, we may have to upgrade his accommodations if the same type of suite is not available which  may cost more.

Also, if you extend the stay at the last minute and his suite has already been sanitized for the next boarder a re-suiting fee may apply. We will do our best to accommodate your needs without additional fees but cannot guarantee it. Your understanding in our processes and procedures is appreciated.

What is your cancellation policy for boarding?

Because we are limited in the number or luxury boarding suites we have, we require a deposit to hold the suite for the dates you have reserved. Your deposit guarantees your suite for the number of days you requested. By reserving those days we have to turn away other clients that need boarding.

If you cancel within 72 hours of your check-in date we will credit your K9 Kampus  account for the amount of your deposit for you to use towards another boarding night . If you cancel with a less than 72 hour notice you forfeit your deposit. Because of the limited number of suites we have if there is less than a 72 hour notice it is less likely we will be able to fill the suites that were reserved for your stay. Top

What Vaccinations are required?

K9 Kampus requires Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella and Canine Influenza.  At this time we highly recommend the Lept Vaccine but do not require.We especially recommend it if you live in an area that has lots of wild life nearby. We are very strict on our vaccine requirements We do not allow any dog past our reception area if we do not have proof of these vaccinations. Vaccines need to be submitted before a boarding reservation can be made

It is recommended the Bordetalla Vaccine (Canine Cough)  be administered every 6 months to those dogs that will be attending daycare or participating in boarding on a regular basis,  but we will accept an annual vaccination. It is important to understand that  there are many different strains of Canine Cough and the vaccine may not cover the strain that is prevalent at the time. It is the same with people receiving a flu shot, it does not guarantee you will not catch the flu or a cold but it protects you against some strains. Very similarly the more you build up your immunity the better your defense.Top

How do I sign up for a Training Class?

Anyone interested in training can sign up, you do not have to be a current daycare/boarding client with K9 Kampus. You will have to be registered in our system which you can do by completing the online form or you can call or drop by. Vaccination records must be submitted in advance and  the class must be paid in full. Top

Why do you have restrictions on your monthly specials?

We have certain restriction and limitations on our specials to ensure everyone gets the same opportunity and for staffing planning purposes. Our restrictions/limitations are as follows:

1. To receive the special prices/accommodations you MUST be reserved at least one day in advance for the special to receive the special price.

2. There are limited spaces for each special. So you must be reserved for each special.

3. If you are a no-show you will still be responsible for the cost of the special because you took the place of someone else. Plus if you are a no-show you will be required to put a credit card on file before future reservations can be made.

4. If all the reserved special positions are taken, you can still attend daycare it will just be for the regular price.

5. Walk-ins do not receive special or discounted rates.

Do you allow Pit Bulls in your facility?

Unfortunately due to Insurance limitations and liability we are currently unable to allow full bred Pit Bull dogs in our facility. Please know that K9 Kampus does not discriminate based on dog breed, as we believe each dog is an individual and a specific breed does not determine whether the dog is good or bad. That is one of the reasons why we rely heavily on Temperament Evaluations to determine whether a dog is suitable for Daycare. We evaluate all dogs regardless of size and breed and we feel this should be the same for breeds that are labeled as bully breeds as well.

Until our insurance company changes their policy we must adhere to their rules and regulations. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

K9 Kampus reserves the right to turn away any dog for any reason. Especially if they feel they cannot control or if the dog does not exhibit proper socialization manners. Top

What is your flea and tick policy?

We require all dogs to be actively using a flea and tick preventative. Therefore, our policy is if we see fleas/ticks we will immediately give the dog a flea bath at the owners expense. Top

Do you allow Intact Dogs (Non-Neutered/Non-Spayed) dogs in Daycare or Boarding?

We do not allow Non-Neutered or Non-Spayed dogs in our facility to participate in daycare and boarding. With our open play environment intact dogs bring additional challenges to open play and interaction between the dogs. Intact females are especially challenging when they go into heat.

Intact dogs can participate in our training classes and can attend our weekend events because they are in the constant supervision of their own parents.Top

Why don’t you allow retractable leads on the premises?

We have found from first hand experience the danger retractable leads can be in our environment. We have had employees, dogs and clients all obtain injuries due to retractable leads, therefore, they are banned to be used anywhere on our premises.

We recommend slip leads for our daycare and boarding services. They are easy on easy off and they are at a fixed length.

Retractable leads may be convenient to use around your neighborhood, just not at K9 Kampus. Please note that if you choose to arrive with a retractable lead you will be asked to take the lead with you, we will not retain them for you until you pick up. Also if you use a retractable lead on the premises and there are injuries you will be held responsible for all costs associated with the injuries.Top