K9 Kampus K9 Kampus Novice Morning Obedience Training

Novice Obedience Training

Novice Obedience is a continuation of our Basic Obedience.  We work on the Basic commands with more distractions (other people and their dogs in the class), longer  Focus work .  We also work on the 10 Elements for the Canine Good Citizen Test.   We use Positive Reinforcement to teach our dogs the fundamentals.  This can be done with praise, food reward or play (using a toy).  

This 8 week class covers:


This class is an ongoing class.  You must have taken a Basic/Novice Obedience class prior to this class


To secure your place in the class payment in full must be received. If you decide not to participate in the class before it starts you may receive a 50% refund. Once class starts no refunds are given.

Dogs which exhibit aggression towards people or dogs may need to be pulled from the class and offered private training until deemed safe to return to a group class.