K9 Kampus Open Agility Practice

Do you LOVE Agility but...

It is too hot outside for you and your dog?

Tired of getting rained out?

Come to K9 Kampus to practice agility in our cool air conditioned facility! Leave the heat, bugs, and dirt outside.

 Instead have fun with us inside!

Open Agility Practice at K9 Kampus!

Sundays from 1pm-3pm

(A 2nd session will be opened if our 1st session meets the 10 dog maximum)

Our newly expanded fully matted indoor training facility offers a full agility course.

Our Introductory  Program provides 2 hours of practice with  3 minute rotations on the agility floor. A trainer on-site to provide assistance if needed. Use of our indoor off-leash dog park in between your rotations or use of our designated crate area if you prefer.

All for $15.00

To participate in our Open Agility Practice you must complete a one time registration process with K9 Kampus by either clicking here for our on-line registration form or by calling 321-622-8971 and speaking to one of our Pet Pals.

After you register in our K9 Kampus System or if you are already a K9 Kampus client click here to choose the registration for the day you wish to participate in.

Please note an event registration form is required for each Sunday you plan on participating. If you are registering more than one dog, each dog must have its own event registration form.

Please note that prior to entering our facility you will either have to send ahead of time or arrive with proof of vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella.

We are very strict with our vaccination policy, no exceptions, thank you for your understanding

You must bring your own crate if you are planning on using our designated event crate area. If you are planning on using our Off-Leash dog park while you are at K9 Kampus please know that all park rules must be followed. Parents must be in control of their dogs at all time. Dogs must be on leads at all times unless in off-leash designated areas. Parents must not leave their dogs unattended while in the off-leash dog park.

At this time full-bred Pit bulls are not allowed in the facility due to Insurance restrictions.

At this time pre-payment is not required, however, if you are a no-show to any of our events, pre-payment will be required in the future.

Upon entering our facility for the first time you will be required to sign our Facility Contracts which include our training waiver and Park Rules.

Please click here to read our contracts

It doesn’t matter where you train our

Open Agility Practice is for everyone and of  all levels

(Must have at least basic Agility experience)

You must sign up using our online registration.

To register for Open Agility Practice please click here.

To Receive email invitations to our events Click Here

For detailed information about registrations Click Here

Open Agility/Fun runs will resume once our new Agility Trainer is in place.

Any questions please email us at k9k@k9kampus.com