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Temperament Evaluations

Thank you for choosing K9 Kampus for your daycare and boarding needs.

Temperament evaluations are an interview process between K9 Kampus and the Owners/Parents and their furry family member. This process is the first step to making sure K9 Kampus is the right fit for you and your dog.

The happiness, health, safety and well being of each and every animal in our care is first and foremost our priority and the temperament evaluation is the first step to participating in K9 Kampus Daycare & Boarding services.

Please note your dog does not have to complete a temperament evaluation to participate in our training and grooming services. If your participating in grooming and your dog is not temperament evaluate then your dog will not be ale to interact with the other dogs in our relaxed cage free environment, they would have either their own area or will be crated in between grooming steps.

The Temperament evaluation is a method to get as much information about your dog while giving you a lot of information about K9 Kampus at the same time.

We need to know the history of your dog and your expectations of a daycare/boarding facility. We also need to inform you of our policies and procedures in order to make your experience in using our services as pleasant and as seamless as possible.

There are many forms that you need to read and sign and this page provides with links to the forms so you can read over them prior to your appointment. So if you have any questions we can answer them during your appointment.

During your appointment after you complete all the forms and we answer all your questions we will ask you to leave and we will begin introducing your dog to other dogs one at a time. Adding another dog to the mix as we feel appropriate. We take this part of the temperament evaluation slowly so we don’t overwhelm  your dog in a new environment. Depending on how your dogreacts to this process will determine how long it will take for them to be introduced to the main large play group.

This has a lot to do with their personality and their background. If we have a rescue dog with an abusive past, it may take us multiple days before they get into the large group, if you have a young dog that has had loving environment its whole life and has experienced socializaing, they will probably make it into the large play group fairly quickly. It is important to take our time, to make sure each and every dog has a pleasant non overwhelming experience so they enjoy every minute of their time at K9 Kampus.

To be prepared for your temperament evaluation please read the following information and complete the documents by clicking on the links below.

The more you complete ahead of time the faster your portion of the temperament evaluation will be on the day of your temperament evaluation.

Please click on the following links to read each document.  This will give you an introduction to most of our policies and procedures and give you the opportunity to come to your temperament evaluation with questions.

Each link allows you to read each document, complete them with your information and download and save them to your computer to keep for your own records.

We will be asking you to sign them when you arrive, therefore, reading them in advance will speed up the temperament evaluation process and get you on your way that much sooner.

Click on the form names below to read and complete online:

Temperament Evaluation Interview Form

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Daycare & Boarding Reservation Instructions

Important Details

Facility Contract

Notification Forms

New Client Information Hand Out

Canine Cough Information

Dog Play Liability Form

We will print this form out for you & have it ready for when you arrive

Thank you for reading/completing all our forms prior to your temperament evaluation