K9 Kampus K9 Kampus Tracking Class

Fundamentals of Tracking

10 session course of instruction includes…

Practical Exercise/Field work

This class is geared towards green dogs that have no previous tracking training history. The training is flexible for each teams’ needs.  The training foundation is “foot step tracking” or otherwise known as “sport tracking”.  “Trailing” type tracking can be implemented if the handler so wishes, but only after the foundation work is complete. If a student wishes to train in “Trailing”, that is an option but the foundation work is in foot step tracking primarily.

Class Details

To secure your place in the class payment in full must be received. If you decide not to participate in the class before it starts you may receive a 50% refund. Once class starts no refunds are given.

Tracking Class is great exercise, fun and something different to do with your dog.

It is a great way to work with the natural instincts of your dog     while having fun together.

Tracking Class is limited to 4 students and fills up very fast. We have a current waiting list for this class and current K9 Kampus clients receive priority placement. Please call for additional information.